As an only child, I find siblings intriguing.  They fight like I’ve never seen and then carry on as though nothing has happened, they laugh from the deepest part of their beings, there are secrets shared, they offer a constant safe place for one another.  At least that is what I see between Sam and Chloe.  She thinks he is so smart, funny, kind.  She tells him she loves him daily, hugs him first thing in the morning, and misses him when he’s on a sleepover at a friend’s house.  He thinks she’s the best artist, smart, has the best giggle.  He tells her he loves her daily, hugs her first thing in the morning, and misses her when she’s on a sleepover at a friend’s house.  There is something between them that is untouchable.  It’s a place others can’t reach, including me.  I love them as individuals. I love them, together. I learn more from them than I could have imagined. They’ve given me glimpses into how deep the pool of human connection can be.  Their unspoken intangibles trumped my only child silences miles beyond my parental expectations.  While I know their lives will constantly evolve, may their growth always make room for their siblingness to continue to dance.

  1. kbquinn said: Your children are freaking beautiful.
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